The Argayall Experience

A month long work & study program on the beautiful island of La Gomera.

Curious about living in a sustainable community? From learning to grow your own permaculture garden to cooking tasty vegetarian meals: experience it all at the Finca Argayall.

Feel the call and be the first to taste the Argayall Experience

For the first time, Finca Argayall is excited to launch a work and study program made with the future generation’s vision in mind

From August 1st until the 29th, we are opening our doors to 16 young people between 18 and 35 to live, work, and share the Argayall experience.

If you are curious about what it means to live in a sustainable community, to grow your own food in a permaculture garden, and cook healthy and delicious vegetarian meals, then we have much wisdom to share. Within an environment that encourages meditation, dance, connection with nature, and with each other, the “Argayall Experience” is perfect for those eager to investigate their calling in life.

With mother nature in need of nurturing, now is the time to return to the earth and live more sustainably. For our part, we believe in sharing our knowledge with the future generation in order to preserve the magic of nature that supports and sustains us.

For this special pilot month, we are inviting you to journey with us through all 4 weeks with a different elemental focus.

With regular teachings and some intensive workshops, the idea is to create your own group circle and work out the basics of community together


Our Four Week Program

To get the most out of our time together, every individual of the work study group will work 4 days for 4 hours a week. The idea is to work these 16 hours at the same time so we can facilitate the shared practice of attending scheduled meetings together. Bonds are central to a thriving community, and we wish to create the space for these natural connections to be made.

Just like each individual, no department is the same. Depending on your skills and interests, and our needs, your work experience will bring its own unique flavour. Be it garden, kitchen, technical or laundry, each department provides its own unique insights into sustainable, eco-friendly living.

Be it turning your fingers green in our permaculture garden or unleashing culinary creativity, the experience you will gain will stay with you long after.


Four Weeks, Four Elements

The four weeks will be divided in half with both parts being led by two of our leaders who will co-create the programme, lead, and focalize.

The first two weeks will focus on the elements of Earth (Grounding and Self-love) and Fire (Intention, Communication and Relationship). Grace and Tameer will hold the space for this journey, guiding the group through meditation, Movement Medicine, rituals in nature, sharing and group process.

The final two weeks are dedicated to the elements of water (Emotions, Touch, and Community) and Air (Soul and Vision). Dani and Marco will guide the group through meditation, transformative touch, sound healing, rituals, a sweat lodged, a mini vision quest alongside sharing and group process.

Our regular mediation and yoga program available to all will turns its focus on each element through out the four weeks.

Program Events

Our Full Moon “Roots and Moods opening ceremony will kick off our program on the 3rd of August.

On the evening of the new moon, August 19th, we will hold another movement medicine dance journey.

Bringing the program to a close will be an open sound healing event, followed by a celebration together with a closing concert and party.

Finca Argayllal: Your Home for August

Mealtime Views
Our Famous Rubber Tree
Finca Gardens

La Gomera & Valle Gran Rey

Though our finca lies tucked away in its own private bay, within a few short steps there is boundless local island life to discover

One of Valle Gran Rey’s many diving spots, a short distance from the Finca Argayall

Striking volcanic mountains interspersed with hiking trails, the second smallest Canary Island is unique for its multiple climates and twisting roads.

Black sanded beaches, lush dense forests, and formidable mountain sides, La Gomera defines off the beaten track. In sharp contrast to its popular neighbour, Tenerife, this circular island is perfect for those seeking connection with nature and private seclusion. With hidden waterfalls, quaint little towns, and glistening shores, La Gomera is a must-see for any intrepid explorers.

Our Finca Argayall

Known for its black beaches and diving sites, the majority of your stay will be in Valle Gran Rey. Home to La Calera, La Puntilla, and our very own Finca, this beautiful town hosts a bustling island life. You can find everything you need including a health food store, a variety of clothes shops, and an eclectic mix of restaurants.


Immerse yourself in the native language or taste the local cuisine, all within 10 minute walking distance of the Finca Argayall.

Though Covid-19 brought a significant pause to the Finca Argayall, we have used that time for reflection, renovation, and beautification all with the intention of welcoming our guests again.

We are confident that all we have planned for August will become a central creative part of finding a more sustainable way to achieve the change the world needs.

This not just a short-term vacation but a long-term period of self exploration, education, and healing. Though your journey begins at our Finca, it is our intention that you will bring home tools to shape your life and life on this planet differently.

If you feel the call and want to be the first to taste the Argayall Experience, you can find more information and an application form right now under

Connect with us now on Facebook , Instagram or explore more of our finca life here.


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